4 July 2022

Image of Book of the month: October October

October and her dad live in the woods. They know the trees and the rocks and the lake and stars like best friends. Until the year October turns eleven. That’s the year October rescues a baby owl. It’s the year Dad falls out of the biggest tree in their woods. The year the woman who calls herself October’s mother comes back. The year everything changes. 

This is an evocative exploration of what it means to be truly alive and wholly human. The captivating story features exquisite descriptions of the natural world and relationships that develop and heal, all told through a natural language and style. Wild, clever and caring October’s relationship with the forest sets the tone for her relationship with others in her life. She is expertly written with an incredibly authentic narrative voice, leaving the reader feeling great empathy towards her. This is a beautiful, lyrical novel alive with wonder and curiosity which brings your senses to life.

October, October – The CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Children's Book Awards (carnegiegreenaway.org.uk)

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