Psychology Curriculum Intent

Psychology is taught at KS4 and we cover the Edexcel GCSE course. Studying psychology at Moat enables students to have a well-rounded understanding of human behaviour. Students develop their independent learning skills and are also trained to question ideas and not just accept them.

Across the course, students engage with the five main psychology disciplines: cognitive psychology, social psychology, behavioural psychology; abnormal psychology; developmental psychology. We follow the Edexcel GCSE course and students cover five mandatory topics in year 9 and year 10 and two optional topics in year 11. Research methods are embedded across the course. By the end of year 11, students will have a broad and deep understanding of the reasons behind human behaviour. 

Progress and achievement are supported from the start of the course through a variety of strategies. All students have knowledge organisers and have online access to the course textbook and to resources used during lessons. This enables them to independently review their learning at regular intervals. 
We follow the Edexcel GCSE course and students are given the opportunity to practise exam skills for this board from the start of year 9 through activities in class, regular homework and end of module tests. All of these tasks are designed to replicate the style of questions used in the GCSE. Students complete two mock exams in Year 11 to prepare them for the final exam.  The course tailors well into the A Level course and so is a very good foundation for students who want to continue with this subject at college. 

Psychology Information