Mathematics Curriculum Intent

At KS3 (Years 7 and 8), all students follow the National Curriculum. This is delivered through a carefully sequenced order of topics to ensure that students understand and remember the material covered. The department uses ‘Thinking Lessons’ and ‘Practice Lessons’. Thinking lessons use carefully sequenced and challenging questions to ensure that maths concepts are fully understood. 

The core concepts in number, algebra, geometry, ratio and Proportion, and Statistics are fully understood and mastered through these lessons. Practice lessons ensure that student remember the content that has been taught.

At KS4 (Years 9, 10 and 11) all students study Edexcel GCSE Mathematics GCSE. Some students will also study for functional skills maths. The approach is similar to KS3, in that Thinking Lessons and Practice Lessons are still taught.

Within every year group lessons are delivered using Thinking Lessons that incorporate desirable difficulties at the core of the students learning. This ensures that all students are thinking hard across all branches of mathematics. This will allow them to form links between each mathematics topic and also across the school curriculum. There are five main areas in Maths at Moat; Number, Algebra, Geometry, Ratio and Proportion, and Statistics. These are the key themes that underpin all mathematics throughout Years 7-11. The curriculum is designed to give pupils the opportunity to build on existing knowledge and skills, whilst applying this to new situations and content.  

Assessment is carried out on a regular basis and is formative in nature. Feedback provides students with the basis for improvement. Our Thinking Lessons provide immediate feedback as concepts are being developed and mastered. 

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