ICT and Computer Science Curriculum Intent

The ICT and computer science curriculum develops learners’ knowledge, skills and understanding through key computational concepts and experience.  The KS3 (years 7 and 8) curriculum has been designed to ensure learners have sufficient knowledge to stay safe online and use computers safely in life.  The KS3 curriculum also provides a focus on developing resilient learners who are able to learn from mistakes and effectively solve problems.  The topics at KS3 give a basis of knowledge, skills and understanding to allow students to progress onto either ICT or computer science at KS4 (years 9, 10 and 11).  The curriculum is mapped for progression and sequenced from KS2 to KS3 and then KS4.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 the curriculum aims to embed skills and knowledge in a wide range of ICT and computing capabilities, including digital literacy. We start in year 7 with enhancing skills in the office suite, using word processing, presentation, publishing, spreadsheet, and database packages to allow students to demonstrate their understanding of audience and purpose through a wide range of project-based learning. We quickly move on to looking at programming and computing to ensure that knowledge, skills and understanding are embedded from an early age. 

ICT and computer science is fast developing in our school and our aim is to offer students the opportunity to be involved in this by experiencing some elements of programming at KS3 so that they have a strong foundation for KS4.The overall scheme is based on the national curriculum in computing and progresses into the KS4 curriculum.

We endeavour to make the curriculum as enjoyable and as interesting as possible with a high level of challenge. Our aim is to ensure that students develop ICT capability that is directly transferable, not only to other subjects but also to the KS4 curriculum and beyond. The subject supports the least able as well as stretching high ability students through a variety of independent learning activities.

Key Stage 4

The rationale of the KS4 curriculum is for students to develop the mind-set of future ‘computer scientists’ building upon the foundations at KS3 and to be "computational thinkers & problem solvers". Learners have the opportunity to develop their capability, creativity and knowledge in computer science, project management, digital media and information technology. Students have the option of studying computer science or ICT at GCSE, with some students having access to Functional Skills in ICT. We adopt a consistent approach towards assessment for learning, and learners progress through teacher marking, feedback, self-evaluation and scheduled assessments.

ICT and Computer Science Information