School Reopening: Week Beginning 8th March

All students will be returning to school in the week beginning Monday 8th March. Full details of this return to school are available in this letter.

As part of a safe reopening of the school all students are being offered Lateral Flow Covid Tests. These are self-administered by students and very easy to carry out. They give a result in just 30 minutes. We are asking for your consent for your son/daughter to take part in this testing. We urge you to give this consent, as testing will contribute to keeping your family and everyone at Moat safe.

We wish you and your families well at this difficult time. If you need help or support please contact the school office.


Please check the Moat website and our social media feeds regularly for information on how the college is responding to the current health issue.


If you have symptoms of coronavirus you should stay at home for 10 days. 
However, if you live with other people, you should all stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person showed symptoms.


We have had a fantastic response to the offer of covid testing for students. We urge you to give consent for your son/daughter to be tested. If you have not yet done so, the link is below:
Click here to fill in consent form
We will be carrying out three on-site COVID tests for each student.
The dates of the first test were given in a previous letter (Spring Term Letter 6). The second and third test will be carried out in school between Thursday 11th March and Thursday 18th March.


We want all our students to continue to learn and make progress, while working at home. We are supporting our students by enabling remote learning.  All self-isolating students should log-on to all of their lessons via Teams every day. They should also check Outlook for any messages.

More Details of our Remote Education can be found here.


Technical Support

Technical support for students working remotely will be available during school hours. Please log jobs using or call 0116 2181383.

In order to ensure that the integration of remote and in-class teaching and learning does not create behavioural issues, Moat has amended its Behaviour Policy to address 'blended lessons' and published a new policy -

NEW: Parents Event: Online Safety and Behaviour
Blended Learning and Online Safety Policy
Behaviour Policy - Covid 19 Appendix 2 Updated 17-07-2020
Behaviour Policy - Covid 19 Appendix 2 Updated 15-06-2020
COVID19 - School safeguarding policy addendum 2021

Our PRincipal Welcomes You

It has been wonderful to welcome the students back into school after lockdown.
The Moat staff have worked very hard to get ready and ensure that the school is safe and our students have adapted well to all of the changes that we have made to ensure staff and student safety.
We look forward to working with you to ensure a successful school year for your son/daughter.


Brian Killeen Principal



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