The Moat Community College Curriculum

The Moat Community College curriculum is broad, balanced and suited to the needs of all our students.

At KS3 all students follow the national curriculum, including PDP (Personal development).

At KS4 all students study core and foundation subjects and four GCSE (or equivalent) options, one of which will be either geography or history.

Our curriculum allows our students to develop intellectually, creatively, socially and physically.

  • The curriculum supports and builds on the college values; honesty, kindness, respect, responsibility and learning excellence.
  • The curriculum should motivate all students to want to learn, it provides enjoyment, boosts self-esteem and raises aspirations.
  • It promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • All students should develop as rounded citizens through the totality of their educational experience.
  • Our aim is that all students will be able to express themselves in a confident, friendly manner
  • The curriculum promotes the acquisition of personal, learning and thinking skills
  • All subjects will emphasise the teaching, learning, assessment and progression in cross curricular skills
  • Our curriculum has cultural capital and promotes understanding of how wider society functions and the individual’s place within it.
  • It emphasises the importance of literacy and numeracy.
  • There is a consistency in approach to spoken English, an engendering a love of reading and a development of an understanding of academic register in spoken and written responses.
  • All students should be equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve as highly as possible at KS4 and beyond.
  • Our careers strategy is part of our curriculum. It features in all subject areas, assemblies and events.
  • We have a consistency of approach in lessons to learning and behaviour. There is good support for students in terms of closing gaps and removing barriers to learning.

A Broad Curriculum

We recognise that some of our students may have a cultural and literacy deficit when they join the school. A major part of our intent is to address this. However, we recognise that to be successful academically, we need to support our students in developing the subject specific culture and literacy knowledge to be successful learners at higher levels (grades 7-9).

We operate a three-year KS4. This allows us to have more study hours for the core curriculum and to provide four option subjects. We make sure that there is enough study time at KS3 for all students to experience as full a curriculum as possible.





  • A focus on improvement and strong progress.
  • A knowledge-based curriculum with clear sequencing.
  • A consistency of approach in lessons to learning and behaviour management.
  • Assessment and feedback is linked to progress.
  • Effective academic support for students in terms of closing any gaps in learning.
  • Pastoral support successfully removes barriers to learning.
  • Improved internal assessment and formal examination results.


  • Relevant, interesting and inspiring schemes of learning.
  • High quality teaching and learning, with a focus on the retention of knowledge and use of  knowledge organisers.
  • A focus on cultural capital,  with the  curriculum enhancing the experiences and opportunities available to students, particularly the most disadvantaged .
  • An understanding of how the wider society functions and our students’ place within it.
  • Students ‘ready’ to move through the school at the appropriate time. Learning is retained for the future.



  • Consistency around oral literacy in all lessons.
  • The provision of opportunities for speaking and performing in public.
  • Frequent recognition and rewarding of success, effort and participation.
  • An understanding from students of how to keep themselves safe and well.
  • Students are comfortable, satisfied learners.
  • They are able to express themselves in a confident and friendly manner.



  • A consistency in approach to spoken and written English.
  • All students are supported in improving their reading ages.
  • Literacy strategies engender a love of reading in all members of the college community.
  • A consistent approach to the teaching of subject specific vocabulary.
  • The development of an understanding of an academic register in spoken and written responses.
  • Improved confidence with spoken English.
  • Improved reading ages. Increased library usage.
  • Improved internal assessment and formal examination results.

The Future

  • An effective careers strategy for all students.
  • The college meets all the Gatsby benchmarks.
  • A curriculum that provides opportunities for advancement. Assemblies, events and activities, visits and the use of external agencies and organisations effectively promote careers education.
  • Students are able to make informed choices. Destination data reflects all students’ choices and next moves are appropriate.

Parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum Moat is following by contacting us on 0116 2625705 or emailing

Key stage 4 Courses

Courses available to pupils at key stage 4, including GCSEs

Core Subjects:

  • Computer Science/Information Technology
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Personal Development Education
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • Science


  • Art
  • Business Studies
  • Citizenship
  • Computer Science
  • Design & Technology
  • Drama
  • Engineering Studies
  • English as Foreign Language
  • Film Studies
  • Fine Art
  • Food Technology
  • French
  • Geography
  • Health & Social Care
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies
  • RSL Level 2 Certificate in Performance for Music
  • Practitioners
  • Skills for Life
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Sports Leadership
  • Textiles