Ethos and Values

The college has consulted with staff, students, and governors to produce a set of college values.

These will be followed by all members of the college community and will be used to inform all areas of college life. It was very pleasing how much agreement there was between all those consulted on what were the values of the school.

The College

Moat Community College provides a caring and supportive environment. We treat everyone as individuals and plan carefully to support them to achieve their potential academically and in all other areas. We aim to create and take advantage of all opportunities. We develop students intellectually, physically, morally, spiritually and socially. We provide an excellent and inclusive academic education, enabling all students to develop their abilities as fully as possible.

We will continue to develop a curriculum and an environment which will develop our students love of learning, thirst for knowledge and an excitement about their future potential.

Our Students

We support our students to become confident, kind, hard working, tolerant and positive individuals.

Moat embraces the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and the tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. With different cultural, geographical and faith backgrounds our students and staff are able to work together harmoniously, productively and positively.

We want our students to recognise the central importance of their education in their lives and work hard to achieve as much as they possibly can.

We also want them to recognise the responsibility they have to others and the community. We will do this by giving them the opportunity to develop leadership skills and be involved in charitable work in the school.

When the time comes for our students to leave Moat we want them to be fully prepared for the next stage of their education. We want them to leave us and achieve great things!

Moat College Values

Learning excellence

  • Be the best you can be in everything that you do
  • Don’t make excuses
  • Be ambitious for your future
  • Work hard. Effort is the key to success
  • Be resilient. Keep trying, even when challenges are difficult
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Be optimistic. You must aspire to achieve great things!


  • Take responsibility for your own learning and behaviour
  • Engage fully in all learning
  • Be organised and independent in your learning
  • Be role models for others and take pride in your school
  • Be a leader whenever you get the opportunity
  • Be on time for everything


  • Respect yourself, other people and the school environment
  • Be polite to everybody in the college
  • Show tolerance in all that you say and do
  • Avoid disputes and arguments
  • Follow the rules every time
  • Be proud of the diversity in the college


  • Tell the truth
  • Ask for help and support when you need it


  • Be considerate in what you say and do
  • Look for opportunities to treat people well
  • Always show good manners
  • Be friendly, especially to people who are new to the college