Art and Design Curriculum Intent

The rich world of visual arts reflect and shape our history and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our society.  The Art and Design Department at Moat embeds a knowledge of visual language to enable our students to develop their creativity through practical and contextual based work.

Key Stage 3

Students follow the national curriculum and complete a base-line assessment to measure both practical skills and contextual understanding from KS 2.

Year 7 – part one
Students follow a highly structured and rigorous introduction to visual language exploring each of the formal elements.

Year 7 – part two
During the second part they are led through a project inspired by the work of Picasso.  The Key Stage 4 art and design assessment objectives are covered at an entry level as they produce both practical and contextual work leading towards a final response.  Traditional French café and Spanish guitar music is played during lessons.  Cultural capital is also enriched by a visit to New Walk Museum to view their collection of Picasso ceramics.

Year 8
In Year 8, students explore the rich art and architecture of Islam, which for many of our students builds upon and values any prior knowledge they possess.  Islamic music contributes to their cultural capital.

Key Stage 4

At Moat we follow a three year programme.

Year 9 
In Year 9 students have opted for a GCSE in fine art.  The first two terms are a structured foundation type course exploring a large range of materials, methods, techniques and ways of approaching the making of art.  This ‘tool-kit’ allows them to work more independently in year 10 and 11.  Music and dance – jazz and classical as well as modern is used as inspiration during this stage.  The third term is a mini-project where knowledge of the four assessment objectives is delivered in a linear, structured way.

Year 10
Coursework begins in year 10.  Our students produce a major project with differing outcomes meeting all four of the GCSE assessment objectives.  This is supported by two gallery visits – New Walk museum to view the ‘German Expressionism’ collection and a London trip to the Tate Gallery.  Assessment Objective Four is carried out under exam conditions for five hours.

Year 11
In Year 11 students complete a twelve week project.  This is run as an end of unit one exam and the previous year’s exam paper is given to them.  Assessment Objective Four is produced over 10 hours.  This enables students to understand the challenges they shall face in Unit Two.

Students begin Unit Two in January in twelve school weeks.  S.E.N.D students are highly supported in their choice of question and given much needed structure whilst the higher ability students are encouraged to produce a personal, meaningful response.

The disadvantages many of our students face are recognised by the department.  Pupil premium students all receive a free art pack of materials.  All of our students are given sketchbooks.

After school intervention sessions start at the beginning of Year 11, providing our students with departmental space, materials and support to produce quality outcomes.


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