Work Experience 2017

Here at Moat Community College we value the benefits that students can gain from experiencing the world of work.

workexpyr10From Monday 3rd July 2017 to Thursday 13th July 2017, all year 10 students will be on work placements.

Did you know, work experience can give you:
  • knowledge of what a job involves.
  • structured, supervised, hands-on experience.
  • skills that will be recognised in other workplaces.
  • confidence in your ability to learn and master new skills and tasks.
  • work–life skills, such as communicating well or working in teams

All placements at Moat Community College are arranged through the LEBC. This ensure students are given a structured, well planned, safe experience.

See the feedback from last year here, 2016 Feedback

If you have any queries regarding work experience, please contact Mrs L Patel on 0116 2625705 Ext 809.

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