Literacy is a key whole school priority at Moat. We have a host of strategies to enthuse and motivate our students in their learning. If they can harness good literacy skills during their time with us, we know they can go out into the world as confident individuals.

Many of our students learn English as an additional language, and with this in mind, our provision specifically caters for their needs. Our students work incredibly hard to improve their literacy skills; we are proud of their efforts and hope they continue to flourish.

Reading leads to learning and at Moat we recognise the importance of inspiring reluctant readers, encouraging struggling readers and sustaining good readers.

The Moat Reading Room, home to a range of fiction and non-fiction books, magazines and newspapers, aims to nurture a love of reading for pleasure and to open a doorway into our students’ imaginations.


Miss Gillain


Monday - Friday: Break, Lunch and after school.