Language Support


Moat Community College is a multicultural and multi-ethnic college where over 90% of students have a home language other than English. Around 30 languages are spoken in college and we also have staff that speak many different languages.

The Language Support Department is here to help students who are learning English as an additional language.

Students arrive at Moat Community College with various levels of English. Some students are new to the UK and know very little English while other students are completely fluent in English and a variety of other languages. The department works most closely with students who are new to English but also supports students as their language skills develop.

Curriculum Plan

The main ways that the department supports students:

In-class Support

This means that as well as the teacher there will be another adult in the classroom – usually a teaching assistant – who will be there to support EAL students in their learning.

Partnership Teaching

Sometimes there will be two teachers in the classroom working in partnership – the subject teacher and a language support teacher. They will plan a curriculum that develops the speaking and listening, reading and writing skills of all the students in the classroom. They will also create differentiated materials to help students understand.

Extra English Groups

Small groups of students come to the language support room for intensive language-learning activities to help them develop their English and understand their other lessons

One to one Meetings

If students have EAL needs they will be identified as ‘Targeted’ and will meet with someone from language support on a one-to-one basis at least once a term to discuss progress, and set and review language targets

Homework Club

There is a homework club for EAL students most lunch times where they can get support to complete homework tasks.

Assessment information

The Language Support Department monitors the progress of ‘targeted students’. These are students who come to Moat Community College with limited English and require our support on a regular basis to help them develop their language skills in order to access the curriculum.

We monitor students with a particularly low level of English through the NASSEA Step Levels. These show their progress and development from having knowledge of the alphabet through to being able to communicate verbally and in written context.

CATs tests are given to all new arrivals as these help Moat Community College to judge the potential of the student.

Support material

For students starting out with English the following websites are recommended,