What causes stress?

This is the time of the year when year 11’s stress levels increase at an alarming rate.

We talked to staff and students for their views on what causes stress.

A contributing factor is the stress of GCSE, and achieving a good grade is only getting harder as many students complain that GCSE questions are too hard.

Last year 5000 students signed a petition hoping that GCSE questions would become somewhat  easier. Many hope to achieve good grades in order to go to their desired college, but not just to attend their desired college, but to impress their parents as it is only natural a child wants to impress their parents.

Another contributing factor to the increase in stress is having physical abnormalities or being different whether it be the height; being different is a big obstacle to overcome as a teen thus leading to stress.

Your youth is a once in life time opportunity; don’t let stress ruin it.