The Physical Education department aims to provide a relevant, challenging, diverse and enjoyable curriculum through which students can develop skills, knowledge and a positive attitude towards physical activity.

We aim to develop the students’ physical, social and emotional skills through a range of practical activities both in curriculum time and through extra-curricular clubs, which can be applied to all aspects of everyday life.

The learning experiences of the students as performer, observer and official develop their ability to plan, adapt and evaluate their actions, working in a safe way. They learn to appreciate their own and other peoples strengths and weaknesses. They learn how to adapt and improve their own performance and assist others to do likewise. In various group and team situations they learn to work co-operatively and take on responsibility – developing tolerance and a sense of fair play.

Through the PE curriculum, the consistent affirmation of the value of regular exercise, and information on local leisure opportunities; we hope to instill the skills and attitudes, which will enable and encourage students to pursue and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

We have high expectations of our students. We expect them to participate fully regardless of ability, as determination and perseverance are key skills to progress in PE and other subjects throughout all Key Stages. We aim for high participation levels and a high enjoyment factor, as we believe that is when our students’ achieve their best when they are enjoying what they are doing.



All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have one double lesson (1hr 40mins) a week. They follow a broad and balanced range of activities such as:

  • Movement
  • Using skills and tactic
  • Co-operation
  • Competition
  • Challenge
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Preparation for life and participation
  • Health and Fitness

During Key Stage 3 students undertake the following activities;

  • Year 7– Hockey, Basketball, Gymnastics, Dance, Badminton,Athletics, Cricket and Rounders
  • Year 8– Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, Dance, Badminton,Athletics, Cricket (boys) and Rounders
  • Year 9– Football, Hockey, Rugby (boys) Gymnastics, Dance (girls),Badminton, Athletics, Cricket (boys), Rounders

They will be expected to develop their skill base in both games and movement-based activities, along with their ability to apply these skills to the game situation and into the compositional work.


Physical Education remains a compulsory subject in Years 10 and 11 and all students have one double lesson (1hr 40mins) a week.

The emphasis in Key Stage 4 is on participation and enjoyment to promote a prolonged interest in sport and physical activity.

During Key Stage 4, students are given an opportunity to continue their knowledge and understanding of the sports covered at Key Stage 3. They are encouraged to undertake different roles such as performer, coach and official.

InYear 10students undertake a series of sport specific leadership awards:

  • Basketball Activators Award
  • Badminton Young Helpers Award
  • Football Young Leaders Award

They are assessed in their ability to plan organise and lead a group of Primary school pupils.

During the year they will also participate in the following activities:

  • Dance (girls)
  • Rugby (boys)
  • Fitness

InYear 11the choice of activities are more recreational based and include Volleyball, Football, Rugby, Basketball and Fitness. In addition to this the students are given the option to take part in Climbing and Trampoline.

Throughout the year they will experience a trip to the outdoor pursuits centre where they will have a choice of doing Archery, Ariel Trekking, Zip Wire and Fencing.


In addition to compulsory ‘core PE’ lessons, during their options process at the end of Year 8, Year 9 pupils can choose BTEC in Sports Studies. This is a practically based course, which leads to a Level 2 qualification.

The students complete a series of assignments and compile a portfolio of evidence to attain a:  Pass, Merit or Distinction. They also need to sit a written examination, which they need to pass to ensure they achieve the accreditation

Students will complete 4 units:

  • 2 core units Unit 1 Fitness for sport and Exercise
  • Unit 2 Practical Sports performance
  • 2 optional units Unit 5 Training for Personal Fitness


During the two year course there is the opportunity to participate in a huge range of sports to develop the skills used in each activity, improve tactical performance and improving an individual’s technique and understanding of assessment through coaching and officiating.


In Key Stage 3 students are assessed after each 5-week block of activity. They are assessed on their performance with consideration given to their ability to plan and evaluate in a variety of contexts. They will be assessed on their ability to work co-operatively in competitive and non-competitive situations.

Throughout all activities their ability to work safely and demonstrate and implement an increasing knowledge of health and fitness principles will be assessed.

In Key Stage 4 Students are assessed on their effort levels only in core PE.



BTEC Sport – Edexcel:


At Moat we offer a wide range of extra-Curricular activities, which take place both during lunchtimes and after school.

We are proud of our extensive range of both competitive and recreational activities on offer. We are part of the Leicester City School Sport and Physical Activity Network which gives us an opportunity to regularly take part in fixtures against other schools in football, basketball, cricket, rounders, athletics, rowing, dodgeball, table tennis and dance.