Moat Community College ICT Guidance

The college uses Microsoft Office 365 for e-mail and intranet/SharePoint (private website) hosting.
Our public website is separate from staff accessible systems; if you have information that needs to go on the public site please log a helpdesk job.

Useful Links

When logging into any Office 365 services (such as the Intranet or web mail) use your full email address as the username. Your password is the same for all services.
There are quick links to the internal services on the public site if you click the Waffle icon at the top right of the site.

Public site:
Web Mail:


Name: Year 6 New Tutor Presentation
URL: Year 6 New Tutor Presentation


ICT Helpdesk Phone: 0116 2625705 ext 700
ICT Helpdesk Job Logging: