Music at Moat is a rapidly developing subject taught as part of the National Curriculum in Years 7 and 8.

Students use a diverse range of equipment and instruments from computers, keyboards, guitars, ukuleles and percussion instruments.

Topics studied include: blues, Indian music, Pachelbel’s Canon, film music and pop bands.

Key Stage 3 music lessons at Moat are vibrant, fun, practical and interactive with cross-curricular links. Students get the opportunity to perform, write song lyrics, and remix songs.

Students who study music at Key Stage 4 will have the opportunity to extend their music making and performing skills through the music practitioners course. They are able to develop their creative interests in an enjoyable learning environment.

The music department has excellent resources that include a keyboard suite, an ICT suite, small rehearsal rooms and a recording studio.


Extra-curricular Activity

Extra-curricular activities include drum lessons, keyboard lessons, guitar lessons, singing lessons, vocal club and band and trips to Curve for further education.