The Mathematics Department at Moat Community College encourages students to develop their understanding of mathematics, promoting confidence and enjoyment by creating a positive and vibrant learning environment. Students think and communicate mathematically, precisely, logically and creatively, and can apply their mathematical knowledge and understanding to solve problems of an appropriately challenging nature. All students are encouraged to reach their potential in Mathematics and develop a high level of confidence and sound numerical ability. This is achieved through a wide range of teaching methods and resources ranging from investigation and practical range of teaching methods and resources ranging from investigation and practical work, to computer and calculator assisted study, as well as teacher-led learning.

Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 3: Year 7 and Year 8

In year 7 we feel it is important to continue the good progress that has been made by the primary schools and we spend the first 3 weeks of term teaching students in their forms, to help them settle into life at Moat. We then assess their understanding on basic number, algebra and shape skills.

We then test students and with the results from these tests as well as the information we get from primary schools, we set students based on their ability in maths.

Year 7 and Year 8 is then spent, supporting students though several areas of Math, broadly speaking; Number, Algebra, Geometry(shape), and Handling Data. There are 3 schemes of learning in KS3, Support, Middle and Higher.

An overview of the topics that are covered, and the scheme of learning can be viewed on the attachments below:

Year 7 Support Lower
Year 7 Middle Year 8 Support
Year 7 Higher Year 8 Middle
Year 7 and 8 Scheme of Work Overview
Year 8 Higher

Key Stage 4: Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11

In the first half of year 9 we aim to polish up students understanding on the key areas in maths. The aim of this period is for students to have mastery and fluency in the main areas of Number, Geometry and Algebra. After the Christmas holidays we formally start the GCSE course.

There are 2 Schemes of learning at GCSE level: Foundation (Grade 1-5) and Higher (Grade 4-9). The scheme of learning continues to build on the progress students have made in KS3, and help to push them up to the Grade they will be achieving. The students systematically work their way through 5 areas of the new GCSE: Number, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Ratio. We heavily encourage the use of MathsWatch, a comprehensive website/app that provides Video support as well as workbooks. The scheme of Learning references MathsWatch Clips comprehensively so that students, staff and parents can follow the scheme easily. MathsWatch is available as an app or on a website:, login details for your child will be provided by their Maths teacher, alternatively you may contact the school for further information.

The schemes of Learning in KS4 can be viewed on the attachments below.

9 1 SOW Foundation
9 1 SOW Higher

The course content is as follows:

Unit 1; Handling Data and Probability Year 9 (After Christmas)

Unit 2; Number, Algebra and Shape 1 Year 10

Unit 3; Number, Algebra and Shape 2 Year 10/11 Students are entered for either GCSE Foundation Tier: Grades 1 to 5, or a Higher Tier: Grade 4 to 9.

Assessment information

Regular assessment during the year allows us to ensure that their personal learning needs are being met, and set changes are made after end of term assessments where it is deemed appropriate for the student. Homework will be set every week for all classes; Students should be spending between 30-60 minutes a week on the homework, depending on the year group and ability.

Support material


The school has subscribed to the MathsWatch software, which is accessible on any Apple or Android device, as well as on a PC. This resource is FANTASTIC for students, and parents can also help their children make progress using this software. It is catered for every child at every ability level. All students will need to login to access, using their personal login details:

BBC Bitesize

The BBC Bitesize website is an interactive website which is very popular with students nationwide.