Dear Parent/Carer,

This letter contains a number of important items that I would like to bring to your attention. They all contribute to keeping you son/daughter safe, happy and successful inside and outside the college.


We are reaching that time of year, when all year groups will be preparing for exams and we hope to continue to work in partnership with you to ensure that your children do as well as they possibly can. I would urge you to support your children by ensuring that they complete all homework and revise for all upcoming exams/assessments.


As you are aware we introduced the new Moat school uniform last September. I would like to thank you for you support in this area. It has been a huge success and staff feel that it has supported a more ‘learning focused’ attitude amongst our students. I hope that you will continue to support us, by ensuring that your children are in the correct school uniform, when they leave for school in the morning.


It is extremely important for all students to be punctual to school to ensure that the day is able to start promptly and learning is not disrupted. It also helps students to learn good practises for future working life when they will need to be on time. Most of our students do arrive by 8.40am for morning registration. Students who arrive late have to attend a 20-minute detention at the end of the day. Please could you encourage your child to ensure that they arrive at school on time.

Medical Appointments

When booking medical or dental appointments, could this be done outside school hours where possible. This is less disruptive to your childrens’ education.

On-line Safety

As a college we are extremely concerned about our students use of social media and the possible impact on their mental health and well-being. In recent months we have dealt with several serious incidents, where students have put themselves at risk by their activities on-line. The risks include bullying and coming into contact with highly inappropriate content. At Moat we do educate students to understand the risks involved in their use of the internet and social media. It is important that as parents/carers you are also aware of the issues. I would urge you to take the following actions:

• Discuss the risks with your children and ensure that you understand them yourself. Try to ensure that this conversation is open and honest.

• Monitor use of their mobile phone. In particular children under 13 should not be using Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. WhatsApp should not be used until children are 16. These age limits are in place to protect children.

• Limit ‘screen time’ so that students have time for other activities and to interact with friends/families.

• Don’t allow students to take phones to bed with them. They are incredibly disruptive to the sleep patterns of children.

Parents Evening

We have recently held parents evening for year 8,9 ,10 and 11. The attendances at these evenings were excellent at between 80% and 93%, and

I would like to thank you for that support. Our students will certainly benefit from the partnership between parents and the Moat Staff. I would like to thank you for your continued support for the college. All our staff appreciate how much our parents and community do for us.

Please, do contact the school is there is anything else that you would like to discuss with me.

Yours Sincerely

Mr. B Killeen