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What is Knife Crime?

We interviewed staff and students about their views on knife crime.

Knife crime is simply any crime that involves a knife.

This includes:

  • Carrying a knife or trying to buy one if you’re under 18
  • Threatening someone with a knife
  • Carrying a knife that is banned
  • A murder where the victim was stabbed with a knife
  • A robbery or burglary where the thieves carried a knife as a weapon

We spoke to Assistant Principal Mr Anderson to ask what his views on knife crime were.

The Office for National Statistics publishes figures on knife crime in the UK –

Sexual assault 134
Homicide 205
Rape 342
Attempted murder 352
Threats to kill 2,529
Robbery 11,133
Assault with injury and assault with intent to cause serious harm 16,143

Knife crime statistics
October 15 – October 16

The Consequences

The after effects of knife crime are not always what they seem – even if you do not use the knife.

If you get caught with a knife

Being caught with a knife will lead you to a prison sentence of up to five years even if you are just possessing it and not harming anyone. If you decide to use the weapon and hurt someone, you could go to prison for longer.

Your loved ones

No family member of yours would even consider their child or sibling going to prison. They will be devastated at the prospect of you not being present for months or even years. This could also lead to humiliation in the community. This could cause other issues as they have to deal with the consequences for your action.

Where you live

Your family could be in serious danger, as well as your friends if you have pulled a knife on someone. The person who you threatened would bring their friends to look for you and may even turn up at your house with weapons that could injure a loved one severely.

Your future

Being convicted for a knife crime will follow on to having a criminal record.

You see, having a criminal record – especially for violent behaviour – will make it much more difficult to find a job or even go back into education.

Someone may want to work with children, elderly people or even vulnerable adults; this may not be possible if you have a criminal record. That is how serious knife crime is. It is no joke!!!

Your holidays and travel

Many countries do not allow people with criminal records to enter, like USA, Canada and Australia – not even for holidays.

Talking helps

The best way to stop yourself getting involved with knives is to talk to trusted people about the dangers.

This may not be easy as you may not want to talk about it, but keep trying as this is the first step to keeping yourself safe.

We interviewed retired police officer and Assistant Year Achievement Co-ordinator for Year 7 Carl Hefford about his experience of the dangers of dealing with knife crime.