Extended Authorised Absence

Moat Community College is very reluctant for a student to miss any part of his/her education.

  1. In line with the Local Authority guidance, the school management and its governors are no longer able to authorise any term time absence, unless it is in exceptional circumstances.
  2. If permission is granted, photocopies of airline or travel tickets will be required by the school office BEFORE travelling. Failure to provide these will automatically cancel the leave and this will be classed as unauthorised.
  3. If permission is granted, students must ensure that they are up to date with their school work before they leave and in addition, it will be parents’/carers’ responsibility to ensure that their son/daughter makes up any missed work in his/her own time upon return.
  4. The decision made by the college is final and you do not have the right to appeal.

Should you decide to take your child out of school without permission, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and a Penalty Notice will be issued by the Education Welfare Service under S23 (1) of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 and Sections 444A and 444B of the Education Act 1996 and may result in a fine of up to £120 per parent.

Please note: Local Authority Guidance states that if two Penalty Notices have already been issued for periods of unauthorised leave, a Penalty Notice will NOT be issued on the third occasion and you will be taken straight to Court under the higher level aggravated offence. This means that you may be subject to a much more severe penalty i.e. a maximum fine of up to £2,500 or 3 months in custody or, a community order which may involve you doing a number of hours of unpaid work.

To apply for extended authorised absence please complete the form Holiday Request Form using the Holiday Request Form Guidelines and return it to reception at the college.