The Humanities Department aims to develop in the students a confident understanding and appreciation of History and Geography in Key Stage 3 and History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology and Health & Social Care in Key Stage 4.

We nurture questioning minds and the development of independent thinking. Teachers in the department are renowned for their innovative teaching methods. This ensures that students gain transferable skills (interpretation, evaluation, analysis) to enable them to excel across the curriculum and in the modern workplace.

Curriculum Plan

Year 7 and 8 students study History and Geography. They study a range of topics linked to the National Curriculum.

History topics include-

  • Plague, Invasion and Murder
  • World War One
  • Prehistoric Britain
  • Leicester’s Landmarks

Year 9, 10 and 11 students can opt for 5 GCSE subjects offered by the Humanities department; History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology and Health and Social Care.


On Thursday 25 May, His Excellency Mr. Y.K. Sinha (High Commissioner of India) was joined by300 school children - many of them from Moat - and community group members from Leicester at the Arch of Remembrance in Victoria Park for a unique remembrance event dedicated to the Indian Labour Corps of World War One.