Highfields Blues launch joint services scheme

Kulsuma & Sabirin

What is ‘The Highfields Blues’?

The Highfields blues is a project based in Highfields made up of the three emergency services: Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service, Leicestershire Police and the Ambulance Service.

Moat School Reporters spoke to Mark and Shelley from the Highfields Blues team.

The team’s message to the community is about staying –

  • Healthy – by promoting their own health
  • Safe – in their own homes
  • Secure – by using 999 appropriately

The purpose of the project is to give the community more of a secure feel so they know that there is help available if need be.

They are also providing advice so that they don’t just rely on the emergency services but are also aware of alternative support services such as the 111 call which is like the 999 call but less serious.

How can they help?

The blues team also offer free home visits and advice on:

  • home security
  • vehicle security
  • home safety
  • fire safety
  • child safety
  • health and wellbeing

They can also share some advice on coping with loneliness, anxiety, depression dealing with antisocial behaviour or any other mental health problems.

The home visits are tailored to suit the needs of the person giving any additional information too.

Contacting Highfields Blues

If you need help on any of the things mentioned above you can book your visit today by calling them on 0116 220 3247