The Governing Body meets every half term as a whole group, to discuss how well the school is doing. The Governors aim to ensure the children are given the best possible educational opportunities. Many have or have had children in the college, and are deeply committed to continuing to improve the school.

Governors take a lead in supporting and challenging the Principal to continue to make changes that will improve learning outcomes for children. They also set the overall vision and direction for the school.

The areas that that the governors focus on are;

  • The achievement of studentsThe behavior of studentsThe welfare and safety of studentsTeaching and LearningLeadership across the collegeThe financial management of the college

Governors Committees

The Resource Committee meets regularly to discuss staffing, budget and resource issues.

Other Committee’s are occasionally formed to deal with particular issues; at present there are committees for Academies and the Curriculum.

The Governing Body

A list of the college Governors and their business interests is shown below-

Type of Governor Term of Office Attendance 2018/2019 – Full governing body meetings Resource Committee attendance 2018/2019 Register of Business Interests
Ms Jo HollingsChair of Governors Authority Governor 29/09/2017 – 28/09/2021 6/6 2/2 None
Mrs Steph McDonald Co-opted Governor 10/06/2015 – 09/06/201910/06/2019 – 09/06/2023 6/6 2/2 None
Dr Mark Rawlinson Co-opted Governor 09/05/2018 – 08/05/2022 5/6 2/2 None
Mrs Shenaaz Sheikh Co-opted Governor 10/06/2015 – 09/06/201910/06/2019 – 09/06/2023 6/6 None
Mr Mohamad Gheewala Co-opted Governor 10/06/2015 – 09/06/201910/06/2019 – 09/06/2023 4/6 None
Mrs Anne Steventon Co-opted Governor 27/06/2018 – 26/06/2022 5/6 None
Mrs Farhana Usman Co-opted Governor 30/09/2015 – 29/09/201930/09/2019 – 29/09/2023 6/6 None
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Mr Isse Ali Parent Governor 14/10/2015 – 13/10/2019 5/6 None
Mr Mansoor Karim Parent Governor 07/04/2017 – 06/04/2021 4/6 Chair of Governors at Charnwood Primary School
Mrs Mariam Bhana Parent Governor 28/10/2017 – 27/10/2021 4/6 1/2 None
Mrs Tasnim KhanVice Chair of Governors Parent Governor 06/11/2017 – 05/11/2021 4/6 None
Mr Mahad Hagi Parent Governor 30/05/2018 – 29/05/2022 4/6 None
Mrs Sultana Ahmed Parent Governor 03/10/2018 – 02/10/2022 1/5 None
Mr Steve Dowell Staff Governor 3/3 None
Mr Brian Killeen Principal Ex-officio 6/6 2/2 None

If you would like to speak to any of the school governors or are interested in becoming one, please contact the school office.