Moat is committed to breaking down barriers between different groups, locally, nationally and internationally.

Links with St Paul’s School and South Wigston High School have enabled students to work together on projects over several years and in doing so, have discovered the many similarities they have between themselves. Further links have been made with Beaumont Leys School and Brookvale High School.

The RE department organises opportunities for students to become part of the Youth SACRE, and is also keen to promote interfaith and multicultural activities.

As an extended school, Moat is involved in many partnerships with local community organisations and runs many holiday activities, where students from dierent areas join together.

On the national and international front, Moat subscribes to – a website which enables schools in the UK and schools world wide to join together on common projects such as ‘Fair Trade’, ‘Carbon Footprint’, ‘Blood Diamonds’ and ‘Cold Shoulder’.

The college has also organised skiing trips and a trip to New York.

The College is registered with the British Council and the Global Network, and through these organisations is paired with a boys’ and girls’ school in Yemen.

A further link is to be made with a school in Russia and possibly Namibia.


Leicester City Council had proposed the closure of 11 buildings in the east and middle of the city centre including the African Caribbean Centre and Highfields library.

The African Caribbean Centre offers a variety of classes, social activities and special events for people of all ages.

The Highfields library has books to borrow, free access to computers and information. Free tutoring, homework help programs, and summer reading programs for kids and teens help bridge the economic divide that impacts students’ academic performance.

Moat students wrote over a thousand letters to the city council protesting the closures which were subsequently not approved.